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Dick Yarbrough: Sept. 25, 2019

A potentially great senator declines the opportunity Dear Gov. Kemp: I hope all is well with you. I first want to tell you that you ... Read more

Your opinion: Sept. 25, 2019

Urges ‘yes’ vote by county on solar farm My name is Mark Simmons and I am a large land owner in the eastern portion of ... Read more

Keith Wishum: It can happen for all of us

What a difference a few days can make. In the 1996-97 NBA season when former NBA MVP David Robinson went down with injuries, things got ... Read more

Nancy Young: 9-21-19

Schley County Farm Bureau wins 8th District award for membership efforts Schley County Farm Bureau has just been recognized during the Georgia Farm Bureau 8th ... Read more

Joni Woolf: Recipes for late summer dining

As summer slowly transitions to fall (very slowly, it seems) we have been looking for recipes that require little time in the kitchen. After all, ... Read more

Chris Clark: Rural Renaissance

I’m a child of rural Georgia. I was born and raised in Ben Hill and Irwin counties with ample time spent in Brooks and Colquitt ... Read more

Your opinion: 9-21-19

It’s happening again 2019 high school reclassification — It’s déjà vu all over again. In 2016, the Georgia High School Association (GHSA) implemented the 3% ... Read more

Dick Yarbrough: A start reminder that life is a precious gift

We are no strangers to hospitals, my bride and I. Over the past several years we have dealt with her broken leg (twice) and my ... Read more

Nancy Young: 9-14-19

Ellaville-Schley historical society’s auction is Saturday night The Ellaville-Schley County Historical Society is having its big fundraiser auction Saturday night at the Thomas Edwin Wall ... Read more

Leila Case: Three cheers for the Constitution

Column topics swirled around in my head as I lay in bed Monday morning, not too eager to rise and shine. However, the thought of ... Read more

Joni Woolf: Pumpkins make great cakes, pies

I have just removed from the oven the two layers of a Pumpkin Praline Torte. They are beautiful to behold, and I want to dig ... Read more

A bird’s eye view: babysitting hummingbirds

Recently friends from Plains allowed me to babysit their hummingbirds while away for several days. I know what you’re thinking. Why not just fill up the ... Read more

Nancy Young: Sept. 7, 2019

Ellaville/Schley historical society to host annual auction The Ellaville/ Schley County Historical Society has its annual auction on Saturday, Sept. 14 at the Thomas Edwin ... Read more

Leila Case: Harvey’s stuff you ‘ain’t’ seen yet

Local artist Ralph Harvey is a man of many talents that have a wide range including expert chili cook, but he is more well known ... Read more

Joni Woolf: The best meal I ever had

A couple of weeks ago this column featured some of the feast-worthy foods that came from the author Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, and were the subject ... Read more

Brandi Lunneborg: Phoebe Sumter Breast Cancer Awareness Walk transitions to Sumter Pink

For 15 years, Phoebe Sumter Medical Center has hosted an annual Breast Cancer Awareness walk to raise awareness of and recognize those affected by breast ... Read more

Your opinion: Sept. 7, 2019

American majority v. NRA Another mass shooting. What will it take for our elected officials to take meaningful actions to address this epidemic? According to ... Read more

Dick Yarbrough: Reflecting on the legacy of Sen. Johnny Isakson

I usually refrain from commenting on the topic de jour in the media. I’m not much of a “bandwagon” person. Let everyone else have their ... Read more

Leila Case: Steinway piano artist gives presidential performance

As I write I’m listening to the David Osborne’s newly released CD What a Wonderful World, a piano tribute to Burt Bacharach I purchased following ... Read more

Joni Woolf: Labor Day provides time for lazy breakfast or brunch

Many who labor in the world of work will be given a brief respite Monday, as the nation celebrates Labor Day, a holiday created by ... Read more

Dick Yarbrough: To Coach Vince Dooley: congratulations on an honor overdue and much deserved

DEAR VINCE: The day has finally arrived. Next Saturday, the University of Georgia will officially name the field at Sanford Stadium as Dooley Field. It’s ... Read more

Leila Case: A bee in my bonnet

Congratulations to Heather Stanley, director of the historic Rylander Theatre, for her hard work in keeping the almost a century-old building in good shape. A ... Read more

Joni Woolf: Recipes for a Harvest Hand Orgy from Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings

In her novel “The Sojourner,” Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings describes a feast for the harvest hands —those whose hands produced the foods that were offered as ... Read more

Nancy M. Young: Aug. 24, 2019

Schley County contracts with Code Red for emergency notification services Following a thorough evaluation and review of alerting systems, Schley County has implemented Code Red, a high-speed, emergency ... Read more

Pastor’s viewpoint: Aug. 24, 2019

From the old French “poverte” or the modern French “pauvrete” or the Latin “paupertas” or the Anglo-Saxon “povert,” the English word “poverty” implies the lack ... Read more

Keith Wishum: In what direction are you drifting?

Once there was a little boy who lived in the country. For bathroom facilities, his family had to use an outhouse. The little boy hated ... Read more

Your opinion: Aug. 24, 2019

This is OUR back yard   As some of you may know, there are plans to build a large solar farm in eastern Sumter County. ... Read more

Dock Yarbrough: Is Hollywood’s impact on Georgia’s economy just more make-believe?

Hollywood is the land of make-believe, and nowhere is that make-believe more evident than in the film industry’s alleged impact on Georgia’s economy. That’s according ... Read more

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