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History, hauntings, and ghosts at the Windsor Hotel

By: Evan A. Kutzler I drove into Americus on Tuesday, February 23, 2016, for a job interview at Georgia Southwestern State University. After checking in ... Read more

Leila Case: Memories of 9/11 linger twenty years later

Memories of 9/11 are still fresh twenty years later. At the time I was in direct marketing at Habitat for Humanity International headquarters and just ... Read more

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor: When I learned that Lee Kinnamon had agreed to be a candidate for Mayor of Americus, I became hopeful for our community’s ... Read more

Professional Baseball in Americus

By:  Evan A. Kutzler The year 1906 brought two institutions to Americus. The state legislature established the Third District Agricultural and Mechanical School, the “Aggie ... Read more

Rep. Mike Cheokas shares Rep. Dave Belton’s words on Afghanistan

I have had the distinct honor of serving with State Representative Dave Belton for over 10 years. He is currently Chairman  of the Special Rules ... Read more

Mirrors v. the Truth

He is looking at 80 years on this planet. He has worked incredibly hard to prove himself worthy of the time given him. He is ... Read more

Alf Hudson, Perry Grove, and the Middle Passage

BY:  Evan A. Kutzler On July 11, 1920, Lucius Hudson laid Alf Hudson to rest at the Old Perry Grove Baptist Church, a stone’s throw ... Read more

Vernon Jones talks about running for governor

Strong opinions begat strong reactions. I recently begatted a strong opinion about Republican gubernatorial candidate Vernon Jones and he begatted a strong reaction right back ... Read more

How does our garden grow?

Like sunflowers that turn their blowsy blooms from east to west following the sun so do the weeds and pesky vines in our yard and ... Read more

Not chosen?

My mama was obsessed. Every little perfect ruffle, every little dainty element, every little button fastened just so. Perfect, all of it was perfect. I ... Read more

Why did the Callaway House cross the street?

BY:  Evan Kutzler Most Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) meetings in Americus are noncontroversial. A homeowner wants a porch railing or a businessperson wants a new ... Read more

Billy Proctor’s Appeal

By:  Evan Kutzler On December 1, 1854, Billy Proctor asked a powerful enslaver to purchase him. “Sir,” Proctor wrote, “As my owner, Mr. Chapman[,] ... Read more

Dad is ‘King of the Hill’ Sunday

Leila Case My father Gustave Beauregard Sisson of Atlanta was the kindest, most courteous, generous and handsome man I’ve ever known. Sunday is Father’s Day ... Read more

When the best you can hope for is an umbrella

My process in writing these weekly editorials is a rather simple one. It starts with asking a few questions. What is my truth today? What ... Read more

One man’s trash is another’s treasure

By:  Leila Case One man’s trash is another’s treasure. And that’s exactly what you’ll find at the Junior Service League’s 2021 Attic Sale at the ... Read more


I started brewing storms when I was in the second grade. Storms are like great symphonies, they come in light and delightful, bringing with them ... Read more

Is Providence Canyon anything but a good example of bad behavior? Part 10 Running the Film Backwards

By:  Burt Carter The view from the top Now that you know what James Hutton inferred from his observations in Scotland, we can see how ... Read more

Graduation Day: 1990 v. 2021

It is 1990. I am in a black gown and cap. I am in an unairconditioned gym with a mural of a raider looking thing ... Read more

What Makes a Place Historic?

Evan A. Kutzler The National Register of Historic Places, administered by the National Park Service, is one of the more misunderstood parts of the ... Read more

Stand By. Look Sharp.

We really live in a neat little village. Last Thursday we welcomed a sitting president to Sumter County. Why? Because he was visiting another president ... Read more

Is Anthony School Worth Mourning?

Evan Kutzler   The first time I stepped into Anthony School, the building was a ruin on its way to becoming a parking lot. Four ... Read more

Rise up, heart of mine! Rise up!

It is the early 80’s. It is Sunday evening. I am sitting in a pew. Maybe indigenous to all Methodists, but certainly to my little ... Read more


I am a proud Alpha Gamma Delta, initiated at the great Mercer University. Growing up I certainly learned what it meant to “love my neighbor,” ... Read more

Be the goat, my friend, be the goat

My best good friend, Fred, is in love with goats. Every breath they take she wants to experience. Every sound, every fun little gait, every ... Read more

Junior Service League offers start of something new for girls

Leila Case The Girl Scout program has been in existence since the organization was founded by Juliette Gordon Low in Savannah in 1912 and has ... Read more

Little altars everywhere!

I have a crown on my house. As much as I love architectural detail, I am completely stupid at calling those details by name. I ... Read more

It’s curtain time soon at historic Rylander Theatre

By: Leila Case The arts that include visiting museums and live entertainment are among the things I’ve missed most this past year so needless I’m ... Read more

Carved in Americus: One Confederate Ring

By:  Evan A. Kutzler An early visitor to the Confederate Museum (now the American Civil War Museum) in Richmond, Virginia, first entered a “Solid South” ... Read more

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