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Part 4: An Americus Lynching: Remembering and Commemorating

By: Evan A. Kutzler   Daniel Stallings. William Barrow. William Redding. The violence on June 21, 1913, that took these lives did not occur ... Read more

“Very Relieved that the Primaries are Over”, Pres. Carter Earns 1980 Delegate Majority

By:  D. Jason Berggren Note: D. Jason Berggren is an associate professor of political science at Georgia Southwestern State University. This is the seventh article ... Read more

Part 3: An Americus lynching: The lost counternarrative

By:  Evan Kutzler   Vagrant. Drunk. Killer. These images became central to the dominant white narrative in 1913 and remain so today. In 2018 ... Read more

Part 2: An Americus lynching. The law of Cotton Avenue.

By: Evan A. Kutzler   The arrests on Cotton Avenue were designed to be visible. On Wednesday, September 18, 1912, at 3 p.m., Police ... Read more

An Americus Lynching:  Part 1: Facing South on Cotton Avenue

Evan A. Kutzler June 7, 2020   Daniel Stallings, his wife, Maggie, and his stepson, Charles, offer a fresh look at an old tragedy. ... Read more

Except D.C., Carter Victorious in May, “We Won All the Elections”

By:  Jason Berggren Note: D. Jason Berggren is an associate professor of political science at Georgia Southwestern State University. This is the sixth article in ... Read more

The Sumter County Oral History Project: A Past, a Present, and a Prospectus

By:  Evan A. Kutzler In February 2016, while driving to an environmental history symposium sponsored by the Historic Savannah Foundation, I stopped to make a ... Read more

The Conscript and the Freedom Fighter

By:  Evan Kutzler   On October 10, 2018, as Hurricane Michael neared shore, I drove to Andersonville National Cemetery to plan an upcoming tour. ... Read more

Friendly advice on working from home

By:  Tracy K. Hall ATR I have done it. It is hard. Working from home is a special talent reserved for a certain type of ... Read more

Love’s Redeeming Work Is Done

By:  Tracy K. Hall  ATR “Christ the Lord has risen today, Alleluia! Sons of men and angels say, Alleluia! Raise your joys and triumphs high, ... Read more

Promises Made, Promises Kept: How First Responders Are Serving Us

BY:  Tracy K. Hall Life has been different for us in many ways over the past weeks. While we might be mindful of our health, ... Read more

Tracy K. Hall for the ATR: Funerals, what to expect in a pandemic

By: Tracy K. Hall How does the Coronavirus effect funeral rituals? Greg Hancock, the Sumter County Coroner as well as the owner of Greg Hancock ... Read more

Joni Woolf for the ATR: Living in the downtime

Last week’s food column was entitled “Cooking in the Down Time,” and we talked about simple recipes that could be constructed with what might be ... Read more

Lost and Found on Elm Avenue

Evan Kutzler   Artifacts—the physical remains of the past—are everywhere. Often an object’s significance to a human story is not at first apparent. Studying ... Read more

On Kennedy’s Home Court, Pres. Carter Scores Win in New Hampshire

By:  D. Jason Berggren Note: D. Jason Berggren is an associate professor of political science at Georgia Southwestern State University. This is the third article ... Read more

In “Vote of Confidence”, Carter Whips Kennedy in Iowa

By:  D. Jason Berggren Note: D. Jason Berggren is an associate professor of political science at Georgia Southwestern State University. This is the second article ... Read more

Play it again Sam

By:  Leila Case We were in our favorite seats at the historic Rylander Theatre for last Friday night’s musical comedy, “Three Red Neck Tenors: Broadway ... Read more

She said “Yes” to his question

By:  Leila Case Americus dance teacher Hannah Ricketts, owner of Fabulous Feet Dance Studio, received the surprise of her life New Year’s Eve. Hannah and ... Read more

Leila Case: Gatewood’s Flower Shop continues to bloom at 75

Congratulations to Gatewood’s Flower Shop on its 75th anniversary. The family-owned retail floral business has provided the citizens of Americus and beyond with efficient service ... Read more

Keith Wishum: Doing the small things is critical

Would you like to make more money? Would you like a higher-level job? Here’s your ticket to greater things: whatever it is, do your job ... Read more

Our opinion: National Newspaper Week commemorates community institution

Oct. 6-12 is National Newspaper Week. While we should all be thankful for this community newspaper, the Americus Times-Recorder, each day it is published, this ... Read more

Your opinion: 10-5-19

An investment Sumter can’t refuse The Americus Solar farm project in our county can represent the lion’s share of new Georgia solar farms approved this ... Read more

Dick Yarbrough: If you want to talk impeachment, you’d better hurry

If you are up to your gullet with all the mudslinging in Washington, you have come to the right place. I am right there with ... Read more

Our opinions: 10-2-19

Good news abounds locally Despite the sad news of the world, and even some here in Americus, there are bright spots in local events. Today’s ... Read more

Nancy Young: 9-28-19

Schley board of health holds quarterly meeting The Schley County Health Department held their quarterly meeting on Sept. 18 in the Conference Room of the ... Read more

Joni Woolf: Simple suppers for easy evening meals

Recently my daughter who lives up the hill brought me a nice serving of Shepherd’s Pie for dinner. It was delicious. “Give me this recipe,” ... Read more

Leila Case: Motown and R&B plus a Dawg win make us happy

Rylander Theatre director Heather Stanley and the Friends of the Rylander organization brought Americus and the surrounding area a taste of Broadway with an exciting ... Read more

Keith Wishum: How do we destroy our enemies?

On his first day of basic training, Mark Szczybo and his fellow recruits were herded off buses to the care of screaming drill sergeants. Recruits spent ... Read more

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