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The story of your perfectly ordinary face

I was walking the streets of downtown Americus looking for a story to be told. I had been promised one and sought it out. I ... Read more

Sunshine, camellias are nature’s wonders

Leila Case As I write, it is pouring rain but thankfully it has stopped and the sun is shining at least for a few days. ... Read more

Your package has been delivered!

I am going through a fun season. I get up early in the morning, sit on my red sofa and go shopping. The things I ... Read more

The truth about the monsters under your bed

My bed sits high off the floor. In fact, I have a little bitty staircase helping me get into it. Isn’t that ridiculous? But I ... Read more

Camellias, crystal, Walmart receipts and tiny surprises of goodness

One of my camellia bushes is busting out all over in glory. When I say she is busting out, she is going full throttle and ... Read more

Loran Smith’s Weekly Feature Column: Cotton Today

There was a time when only the months of November, December and January had no connection with the growing of cotton, the South’s most notorious ... Read more

You’re my favorite!

My parents once sent Valentine’s flowers to my office in Macon. Delighted, I opened the card to read: “Happy Valentine’s Day, don’t tell Seth, but ... Read more

Historic Rylander Theatre is ‘Celebrating a Century’; Trust passes the gavel

By Leila Case There’s a lot to celebrate, however, because of the COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions we can’t have an up close and personal celebration. ... Read more

Before the Barista: The Layers of 134 W. Lamar Street

Evan A. Kutzler In A Sand County Almanac (1948), a classic on environmental conservation, Aldo Leopold eulogized a lighting-struck tree. “It shows 80 growth rings,” ... Read more

She has character! And worm holes!

Transition. I did not know what to call it, and I am not entirely sure “transition” is the right word, but for my purposes it ... Read more

Clawfoot has a story to tell

I have not had a bath in over six years. To be clear, I have showered, just not soaked in a real tub. I love ... Read more

Fightn’ the Vid

By:  Stick Miller Boyce “Stick” Miller lives in Americus. Contact him at stickmiller While Inauguration Day has been at the forefront of the news lately, ... Read more

Truth: There is no kitten stuck up the tree

About 10 years ago, I and my two cats moved from Atlanta to Americus and promptly set up house with my parents. I had a ... Read more

When your black-eyed peas come with time travel

There is a mandate this time of year. It requires lingering in our past while also tiptoeing into the future. I tell people I gave ... Read more

Hip, Hip, Hooray! Hip, Hip, Hooray! Huzzah!

By: Leila Case A Colonial era toast that is as appropriate today as it was then to turn the calendar to the new year of ... Read more

Columns and foundations

The first sign was the buckling. The second sign was the heel of my stiletto busting through. My porch is rotting. It deserves to, it ... Read more

How to beautifully handle what irritates you

“Tracy, what do you want for—” “Pearls!” The question very rarely must be completely asked. The answer is always the same.  Pearls. I want pearls. ... Read more

Good Company’s Coming!

Mama started me on a silver pattern in my young days. She knew waiting to accrue silver through a wedding register was going the way ... Read more

The night superheroes cried

It is a side to the story I have always treasured. It was one of those experiences that doesn’t translate well into words. It is ... Read more

A Bird’s Eye View: Dec 2020

By:  Phil Hardy   Inquiries have been pouring in and all are asking the same question: What’s happened to my birds and where are they? ... Read more

“Dear Santa” in a year of war and pestilence

Evan A. Kutzler November 28, 2020 On December 6, 1918, the Americus Times-Recorder printed a letter to Santa Claus written by six-year-old Charles Walker. ... Read more

It’s beginning to look like Christmas at our house

By:  Leila Case A sign in front of a shop I visited last week announced, “Four Saturdays until Christmas!” In other words you better shake ... Read more

Worn Wisdom and Mercer Sweatshirts

If the house were on fire, I would grab it first. Forget the jewels, forget my grandparents’ marriage certificate, forget the Hall family photos, and ... Read more

Waiting in Gratitude

I’ve never seen it in person, but I can imagine it. On November 1 at midnight a phenomenon happens in our world. In my mind ... Read more

Lessons from frogs and Freds

A lifetime ago I found myself as a young therapist going to work in an office on the outskirts of Macon. Our office was housed ... Read more

Wreaths Across America reminds us to remember loved ones

By:  Leila Case Andersonville National Historic Cemetery in Andersonville is among the military cemeteries across the nation that participate in the annual Wreaths Across America ... Read more

Is Providence Canyon anything but a good example of bad behavior?

Part 2:  It is what it is, but how did it get that way? By:  Burt Carter Long enough ago that the statute of limitations ... Read more

Georgia Runoffs, a brief history

By: Evan A. Kutzler November 9, 2020 On Tuesday, November 3, 2020, Georgians cast what many voters thought would be their last ballot of ... Read more

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