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Stand By. Look Sharp.

We really live in a neat little village. Last Thursday we welcomed a sitting president to Sumter County. Why? Because he was visiting another president ... Read more

Is Anthony School Worth Mourning?

Evan Kutzler   The first time I stepped into Anthony School, the building was a ruin on its way to becoming a parking lot. Four ... Read more

Rise up, heart of mine! Rise up!

It is the early 80’s. It is Sunday evening. I am sitting in a pew. Maybe indigenous to all Methodists, but certainly to my little ... Read more


I am a proud Alpha Gamma Delta, initiated at the great Mercer University. Growing up I certainly learned what it meant to “love my neighbor,” ... Read more

Be the goat, my friend, be the goat

My best good friend, Fred, is in love with goats. Every breath they take she wants to experience. Every sound, every fun little gait, every ... Read more

Junior Service League offers start of something new for girls

Leila Case The Girl Scout program has been in existence since the organization was founded by Juliette Gordon Low in Savannah in 1912 and has ... Read more

Little altars everywhere!

I have a crown on my house. As much as I love architectural detail, I am completely stupid at calling those details by name. I ... Read more

It’s curtain time soon at historic Rylander Theatre

By: Leila Case The arts that include visiting museums and live entertainment are among the things I’ve missed most this past year so needless I’m ... Read more

Carved in Americus: One Confederate Ring

By:  Evan A. Kutzler An early visitor to the Confederate Museum (now the American Civil War Museum) in Richmond, Virginia, first entered a “Solid South” ... Read more

Loren Smith’s column on Covey Rise Plantation

CAMILLA – It would not require any genius to conclude that the name of this agribusiness enclave had to have been connected to a female ... Read more

What’s in a name?

From the courthouse folks come to our office, form in hand, requesting us to let the world know they have every intention of claiming a ... Read more

A word from Chief Mark Scott

Last month we published an article addressing the recent increase in gang related gun violence here in Americus and across the country.  Since that article ... Read more

Naming your Hallelujahs

I grew up on Upper River Road here in Americus. To go to town or to school I would ride past the home of Margot ... Read more

Ball Played As It Lies

I know little to nothing about golf. I know I like the idea of it. I know I like the people who play. I like ... Read more

Fueling Up: Early Filling Stations in Americus

By:  Evan A. Kutzler At least twice during the Great Depression, Charles Monroe Hale Jr. boarded a plane and, circling Americus, photographed the city ... Read more

The story of your perfectly ordinary face

I was walking the streets of downtown Americus looking for a story to be told. I had been promised one and sought it out. I ... Read more

Sunshine, camellias are nature’s wonders

Leila Case As I write, it is pouring rain but thankfully it has stopped and the sun is shining at least for a few days. ... Read more

Your package has been delivered!

I am going through a fun season. I get up early in the morning, sit on my red sofa and go shopping. The things I ... Read more

The truth about the monsters under your bed

My bed sits high off the floor. In fact, I have a little bitty staircase helping me get into it. Isn’t that ridiculous? But I ... Read more

Camellias, crystal, Walmart receipts and tiny surprises of goodness

One of my camellia bushes is busting out all over in glory. When I say she is busting out, she is going full throttle and ... Read more

Loran Smith’s Weekly Feature Column: Cotton Today

There was a time when only the months of November, December and January had no connection with the growing of cotton, the South’s most notorious ... Read more

You’re my favorite!

My parents once sent Valentine’s flowers to my office in Macon. Delighted, I opened the card to read: “Happy Valentine’s Day, don’t tell Seth, but ... Read more

Historic Rylander Theatre is ‘Celebrating a Century’; Trust passes the gavel

By Leila Case There’s a lot to celebrate, however, because of the COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions we can’t have an up close and personal celebration. ... Read more

Before the Barista: The Layers of 134 W. Lamar Street

Evan A. Kutzler In A Sand County Almanac (1948), a classic on environmental conservation, Aldo Leopold eulogized a lighting-struck tree. “It shows 80 growth rings,” ... Read more

She has character! And worm holes!

Transition. I did not know what to call it, and I am not entirely sure “transition” is the right word, but for my purposes it ... Read more

Clawfoot has a story to tell

I have not had a bath in over six years. To be clear, I have showered, just not soaked in a real tub. I love ... Read more

Fightn’ the Vid

By:  Stick Miller Boyce “Stick” Miller lives in Americus. Contact him at stickmiller While Inauguration Day has been at the forefront of the news lately, ... Read more

Truth: There is no kitten stuck up the tree

About 10 years ago, I and my two cats moved from Atlanta to Americus and promptly set up house with my parents. I had a ... Read more

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